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The ups and downs of traveling with your best (canine)friend

Hey there wanderlusters, it’s Riley! There’s no denying that the most rewarding journeys I’ve undertaken have been with my favorite four-legged sidekick, Charlotte. This big black shepherd has not only taught me to find joy in the little things, but she’s also challenged me in ways I never expected. Traveling with Charlotte is a unique blend of elation and exasperation, of delight and doggie bags. But, at the end of the day, it’s all so…

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Canine-Friendly Cars: Essential Vehicle Features for Dog Owners

Venturing out with your loyal canine buddy? You might be thinking about how to make your car more dog-friendly. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you think. By incorporating some specific features, your vehicle can be perfectly suited for your four-legged pal. First up, think about having a dedicated space for your dog. Picture this: your dog is hopping around while you’re driving. Sounds distracting and unsafe, right? That’s where a separate cargo area comes into…

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California Dog-friendly Hotels

Best Dog-friendly Hotels in California

Experience California’s finest hotels, each showcasing a genuine fondness for furry friends. Discover The Peninsula Beverly Hills, where opulence and pet-friendly living intertwine. Your pet receives bespoke room service menus, sure to delightfully send tails aflutter. Heading towards Rancho Santa Fe, there’s the Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa. Upon payment of a $200 pet fee, furry companions are privy to pet bowls, special beds, and enticing treats. Venturing into San Diego, Fairmont Grand Del Mar…

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Colorado Life With Dogs

Colorado Crowned the Most Dog-Loving State in America

A recent study by pet wellbeing experts at has named Colorado as the most dog-loving state in America. They analyzed many factors, including the number of monthly Google searches for “dog grooming” and “dog toys,” dog parks, number of dog owners, and dog-friendly long-term home rentals. Colorado scored the highest at 39.3 points out of 50 with approximately 47.2% of its residents owning a dog. The state also ranked highest on Google searches for ‘dog grooming’…

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Cities Flagler Beach Water Fun

Hang 8 Dog Surfing Extravaganza: A Celebration of Canine Surfing and Community Spirit at Flagler Beach, Florida

On the picturesque shores of Flagler Beach, Florida, the Hang 8 Dog Surfing competition has rapidly grown in popularity, attracting thousands of enthusiastic attendees. This year’s event saw triple the turnout compared to last year, with onlookers cheering and marveling as 50 talented pooches took part in various entertaining activities such as surfing heats and a costume contest. Organizers Suzie Johnston and Eric Cooley, also known as the mayor and city commissioner of the quirky…

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Cities California Calistoga History

How Sam Brannan’s Dog Founded Calistoga

All right, now let me take you on a journey, back in time to the year 1861, to the genesis of the town of Calistoga, California, and Sam Brannan, its bold and ambitious founder. This was a man of dynamic energy and far-reaching vision, who with the fierce loyalty of his dog, Leonitus, managed to shape this wilderness into a thriving resort town, a venture unlike any other in those early frontier days. Leonitus, Sam…

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Dogs and the Law

Including Your Dog in Your Will — A Guide

Life happens, and sometimes it takes us by surprise. For many of us, our dogs are more than pets, and they’re beloved family members, companions, and best friends. Discussing the inevitable isn’t easy, but crucial for their well-being. You can ensure they’re cared for after you’re gone by including them in your will. Here’s how you can make it happen. Appointing a Guardian for Your Furry Friend Legally, pets are considered property and belong to…

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