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The ups and downs of traveling with your best (canine)friend

Hey there wanderlusters, it’s Riley! There’s no denying that the most rewarding journeys I’ve undertaken have been with my favorite four-legged sidekick, Charlotte. This big black shepherd has not only taught me to find joy in the little things, but she’s also challenged me in ways I never expected. Traveling with Charlotte is a unique blend of elation and exasperation, of delight and doggie bags. But, at the end of the day, it’s all so…

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Canine-Friendly Cars: Essential Vehicle Features for Dog Owners

Venturing out with your loyal canine buddy? You might be thinking about how to make your car more dog-friendly. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you think. By incorporating some specific features, your vehicle can be perfectly suited for your four-legged pal. First up, think about having a dedicated space for your dog. Picture this: your dog is hopping around while you’re driving. Sounds distracting and unsafe, right? That’s where a separate cargo area comes into…

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Colorado Crowned the Most Dog-Loving State in America

A recent study by pet wellbeing experts at has named Colorado as the most dog-loving state in America. They analyzed many factors, including the number of monthly Google searches for “dog grooming” and “dog toys,” dog parks, number of dog owners, and dog-friendly long-term home rentals. Colorado scored the highest at 39.3 points out of 50 with approximately 47.2% of its residents owning a dog. The state also ranked highest on Google searches for ‘dog grooming’…

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The Great Canine Conspiracy: How Dogs Secretly Rule Our Lives

As a human dog “owner” – or more accurately, as a willing servant to my four-legged furball – I’ve discovered a few undeniable truths about life with these lovable creatures. One could say that dog ownership is a journey filled with laughter, bewilderment, and an ever-growing collection of dog hair. Ah, dog hair! That miraculous substance that seems to multiply like a sentient life form, hell-bent on colonizing every available surface. It clings to our…

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Dog-friendly Mendocino Magic with Riley and Charlotte

Hey there fellow dog-lovers, it’s Riley and my gorgeous all-black German Shepherd, Charlotte, ready to give you the lowdown on our unforgettable adventure through the dog-friendly wonders of Mendocino County! 🐾✨ We started our trip in style at the luxurious Stanford Inn, which offered breathtaking views of Mendocino Bay and fabulous pet-friendly accommodations. We even grabbed a scrumptious bite at the ever-so-inclusive Ravens Restaurant, where Charlotte was treated like royalty. Feeling extra outdoorsy, we also explored the…

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