Riley and Charlotte

Charlotte’s Journey: From Show Rings to Rescue Missions

Hello to all dog devotees and admirers of adventures out there! I’m Riley, your go-to guide for all things canine and chic. As a young influencer who’s equally passionate about dogs as I am about fashion, I’m thrilled to introduce you to my stunningly beautiful Black German Shepherd, Charlotte. Charlotte isn’t just any dog; she’s a prize-winning show dog and a certified rescue dog. Her journey is as inspiring as it is impressive, and I…

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What’s the Deal with Black German Shepherds?

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! It’s Riley from @RileyandCharlotte, and today I want to talk about a subject that is near and dear to my heart – Black German Shepherds! As you all know, my sweet Charlotte is a black German Shepherd, so I’ve done my homework and talked to breed experts to better understand this amazing breed. You might be wondering if Black German Shepherds are different from regular German Shepherds? Well, the primary…

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Dog-friendly Mendocino Magic with Riley and Charlotte

Hey there fellow dog-lovers, it’s Riley and my gorgeous all-black German Shepherd, Charlotte, ready to give you the lowdown on our unforgettable adventure through the dog-friendly wonders of Mendocino County! 🐾✨ We started our trip in style at the luxurious Stanford Inn, which offered breathtaking views of Mendocino Bay and fabulous pet-friendly accommodations. We even grabbed a scrumptious bite at the ever-so-inclusive Ravens Restaurant, where Charlotte was treated like royalty. Feeling extra outdoorsy, we also explored the…

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