California Dog-friendly Hotels

Best Dog-friendly Hotels in California

Experience California’s finest hotels, each showcasing a genuine fondness for furry friends. Discover The Peninsula Beverly Hills, where opulence and pet-friendly living intertwine. Your pet receives bespoke room service menus, sure to delightfully send tails aflutter. Heading towards Rancho Santa Fe, there’s the Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa. Upon payment of a $200 pet fee, furry companions are privy to pet bowls, special beds, and enticing treats. Venturing into San Diego, Fairmont Grand Del Mar…

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How Sam Brannan’s Dog Founded Calistoga

All right, now let me take you on a journey, back in time to the year 1861, to the genesis of the town of Calistoga, California, and Sam Brannan, its bold and ambitious founder. This was a man of dynamic energy and far-reaching vision, who with the fierce loyalty of his dog, Leonitus, managed to shape this wilderness into a thriving resort town, a venture unlike any other in those early frontier days. Leonitus, Sam…

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Dog-friendly travel California Dog-friendly Wineries

Dog-Friendly Delights: Exploring Calistoga, California with Your Furry Friend

Welcome to Calistoga, a land where the sun kisses the rolling vineyards, and the air is filled with the gentle hum of bees and the distant laughter of delighted travelers. This is a place where four-legged friends frolic and wag their tails in pure bliss, while their humans revel in the warm embrace of a quaint town that knows the true meaning of hospitality. In Calistoga, California, you’ll find a world where both humans and…

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Sonoma County’s Canine Wonders: Discovering Dog-Friendly Gems in the Wine Country

Local Wineries and Tasting Rooms with Your Pup Visiting the heart of wine country, you’ll be delighted to find that many of Sonoma County’s incredible wineries welcome your four-legged friends too! With over 100 pet-friendly wineries, including Cline Cellars, Kunde Family Winery, and Mutt Lynch Winery, you and your canine companion can share the beauty of these local vineyards while indulging in delightful wine tasting. Hit the Trails: Dog-Friendly Parks in Sonoma County Sonoma County…

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