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Colorado Life With Dogs

Colorado Crowned the Most Dog-Loving State in America

A recent study by pet wellbeing experts at OurFitPets.com has named Colorado as the most dog-loving state in America. They analyzed many factors, including the number of monthly Google searches for “dog grooming” and “dog toys,” dog parks, number of dog owners, and dog-friendly long-term home rentals. Colorado scored the highest at 39.3 points out of 50 with approximately 47.2% of its residents owning a dog. The state also ranked highest on Google searches for ‘dog grooming’ and ‘dog toys’ at 186 monthly searches per 100,000 residents, or about 10,800 total searches per month.

Idaho came in second place with 34.3 points and the highest percentage of dog owners among its residents at 58.3%. It’s interesting to note that while Colorado took the top spot in terms of dog-loving qualities, Idaho outscored them in terms of dog ownership rate. This demonstrates each state has different factors contributing to their ranking in the study.

Some other states that scored high in terms of dog-loving qualities include Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming, Oregon, Tennessee, and Georgia. These states placed different levels of emphasis on pet care, dog-friendly accommodations, and general canine wellbeing. Wyoming, for example, scored higher in terms of the number of dog parks per capita, while Georgia offered the second-highest number of dog-friendly long-term rentals.

To provide a broader overview of dog-loving states, data from World Population Review cites Idaho as having the highest dog ownership rate at 58.3%, followed by Montana at 51.9% and West Virginia at 51.6%.

It’s clear that dog lovers are spread across the United States, and each state has its unique attributes and opportunities that cater to the needs and preferences of canine companions and their owners. No matter where you and your furry friend call home, these rankings help highlight the diversity and importance of pet-loving communities across the country.